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All About A-Café

We’re a volunteer led & founded project. A-Café’s founder, Forest Grey, started the project by garnering interest from Asexual and Aromantic Subreddits. With a team of volunteers now eager to bring A-Café to life, we are embarking on a journey to not only connect A-Spec people together, but to raise awareness of the Asexual and Aromantic Spectrums.

We anticipate opening a Beta of the A-Café app by the end of 2021/beginning of 2022.

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A-Spectacular Features

With hopes of being the most inclusive, powerful A-Spec app, we've planned out a lot of great features.

Respecting Privacy

We are not only committed to protecting your privacy on the app, we're also committed to not selling or profiting from your data in any way.

Awesome Community

Whether you're looking to chat one-on-one, in a group, or in-person, we will have features/safeguards available to make this happen.

Human Moderators

While this app is exclusively available for our A-Spec friends, we'll still have a team of moderators on standby. Your safety & comfort is #1.

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How It Works?

Start by downloading the app (when Beta is available) and fill out your user profile.

Make a Profile

Tell us who you are, what you are looking for (from relationships to friends to QPRs), and we'll take care of the rest.

Find A-Spec Folks

You can search by geolocation or search the globe to find your next A-Spec friend or partner.

Join Groups

Our app has the ability to create local A-Spec "Groups."

Meet Our Team

Our amazing team of volunteers are eager to bring A-Café to the Ace & Aro worlds!

Founder, Project Manager, UI/UX Designer
( They/Them )
Our Latest News

Grab a cuppa and read the latest updates on the app here.