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A-Café Update #17: Frontend Help Needed!

Are you an experienced frontend developer? A-Café needs your help! Be part of the cause that will connect A-Spec folks everywhere.

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[For context: A-Spec people are incredibly diverse, with varying relationship preferences and types of Aromanticism/Asexuality. We’re aiming to create an app that will help connect Asexual and/or Aromantic people across the world and give them the power to search for the specific relationships they want]

Hello and welcome back readers! The updates go as follows.

  1. We’re looking for Frontend volunteers! Our current Android dev has become busy, so they’re not able to do their part alone. If anyone has experience with Android development and is willing to help out, we would love to work with you! (iOS volunteers are welcome as well of course!)
  2. Discord mod applications are closed! Since our discord community has grown a lot, we looked for (and found) a new moderator to help us keep everyone safe.

Let’s Address How Everything is Going

We’re currently still working on a suitable MVP (minimum viable product) for the beta. We know some of you might be feeling frustrated with our slow progress, but please understand that all of our volunteers are part-time.

Meaning, we all have full-time jobs or college classes (or both), which makes it difficult to get everything done as fast as we’d like. Of course, once we’re open-source things will likely progress faster, but we need to make sure we have a secure product to avoid malicious code seeping through first.

What is Open-Source Anyway? And Why Can’t we go Open-Source Right Now?

Open-Sourcing means making all or part of an application’s source code public. Any coder can view and contribute to the project (of course, the additions they make must be approved before final commit).

While more contributors often means faster production time, we can’t always trust the code that unfamiliar people offer. Even those who are part of the team could be a security risk. That’s why it’s important for us to have a secure product and contribution system first.

We need to ensure that we detect as much malicious code as possible, so that users like you are protected from bad actors.

That’s mainly why we haven’t had much to show you lately; a lot of our work has been design and code-heavy. But, on the bright side, there are more visual perks coming your way soon! Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.

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