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A-Café Update #16: Future Open-Sourcing, Discord, and More!

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Our nonprofit name was chosen by you! Due the growth of our Discord, we are in need of a new mod. Read on to apply!

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[For context: A-Spec people are incredibly diverse, with varying relationship preferences and types of Aromanticism/Asexuality. We’re aiming to create an app that will help connect Asexual and/or Aromantic people across the world and give them the power to search for the specific relationships they want]

Hello and welcome back readers! The updates go as follows.

1) Last time, we talked about creating a small non-profit to make the future donation process easier and provide legal protection for the development team. We asked what the name should be, and it seems “The A-Spec Foundation” was the most popular choice.

In case you missed the previous update, “The A-Spec Foundation” is a small non-profit that would help A-Spec people via academic and technological means. It isn’t related to the A-Café project.

Right now, we are solely focused on developing A-Café. Again, The A-Spec Foundation currently exists in the background for donation and legal purposes.


2) We’ve decided to go open-source in the near future. Once the Beta works and is secure, we’ll allow outside developers to contribute to the A-Café project. Since our team is small at the moment, this will help development progress faster, as well as strengthen the overall product.

When we’re ready to officially go open-source, we’ll let you know in an update.

3) Our discord community has over 600 members! Since we only have two mods, we’re accepting applications for another moderator. If interested, please apply using the google form here!

Minimum qualifications include:

  • Being 18+
  • Having been an active or semi-active member for at least a few months
Garlic Phone game.

(We play games on Saturdays. It’s very fun and chaotic)

That’s all for now! Thank you all for reading, and until next time, have a wonderful rest of your day.

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