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A-Café Update #10: Android App Volunteer Needed!

Android volunteer needed, new website update, Instagram, and new social media manager!

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[For context: A-Spec people are incredibly diverse, with varying relationship preferences and types of Aromanticism/Asexuality. We’re aiming to create an app that will help connect Asexual and/or Aromantic people across the world and give them the power to search for the specific relationships they want]

Hello and welcome back readers! The updates go as follows.

1) Part-Time Android Frontend Volunteer needed! Due to personal reasons, our previous Android dev had to step down from the position, so we are now in need of someone to help in that area. If you have experience with frontend android (specifically native development), and have some time to spare, please contact me via dm or in the comment section.

2) New A-Café website in the works! Thanks to our wonderful web dev, A-Café will have a beautiful website available for future users to check out and sign up for beta testing! I’ve included some screenshots down below.

3) We’re now on Instagram! This will allow us to spread the word to more A-Specs. If you’d like to follow us on either platform, here is our username!

Insta: acafe_official

4) New social media manager! This week we’ve welcomed NJ to our development team! They will be assisting us in making updates on all three social media platforms. We look forward to seeing their wonderful creations. Thank you NJ!

That’s all for now! If you’d like to get a closer look at the project, or make new friends, consider joining our discord!

[Image Description: A picture of the “About” page of A-Café’s website. It has a light tan background, with text in the middle that says “All About A-Café”. Underneath is a paragraph explaining how A-Café came to be. There is also an illustrated group of people next to said paragraph].

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